How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy

How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy

A 2 Z Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy.. everything I know

How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy

How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy

A 2 Z Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy.. everything I know

How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy
How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy
How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy
How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy
How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy

How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy

60 thoughts on “How To: Rectal Insufflation Ozone Therapy

  1. They seem to make pediatric o2 regulators for industrial o2 !!! there is
    zero difference between welding o2 and medical.
    absolutely zero! that is why they make a pediatric regulator that fits
    industrial tanks

    1. +Clown Whisper nice yeah at a quarter of a liter per minute 2 minutes is
      the longest you want to go otherwise it’s just too much ozone

    2. +Brian Aston stupid voice recognition I’m a member of a Facebook group that
      has all the documentation autozone administration it’s very handy

    3. +Clown Whisper yea im a member of the different ozone groups on Facebook. I
      was interviewed by the creator of ozone to help Paola Poliah and help
      people I meet there with their equipment and so on

  2. You might be able to help me out here. I bought an iv bag for
    insufflation, but if I can simply avoid the bag altogether I would be
    happy. I think I saw where to illustrated how long to run it for
    insufflation but I cant remember what that was,.

    1. if you are talking about doing rectal insufflation then you want to have
      your photo set at a quarter of a liter per minute and do the treatment for
      2 minutes or less. a bit of a confusing question I hope it helped lol

    1. You can buy the ozone generator I’m using on eBay if you search synergy
      labs WPS 100.

      You can buy a oxygen concentrator on Craigslist or get a prescription from
      your doctor or buy a welding tank 402 and get that filled up at a welding
      shop. Also, has everything you could need.

    1. On the pediatric flow regulators I wouldn’t know what one is good and what
      one is not because I haven’t used them yet sorry I couldn’t be more help

    2. +Brian Aston will do its hard finding someone to just fill it up. They
      want me to exchange but I wont do that.

    3. +Spill Burg I know I didn’t know that is the way it works either I wanted
      to buy a cool looking tank for myself and have someone fill it up but they
      all told me I have to exchange it for some really old grade dingy or red
      ugly whatever the point is just go there and buy oxygen my preference
      doesn’t matter it’s what’s inside the can that matters 🙂

    1. Thanks fot posting this great pediatric flow regulator for an oxygen
      concentrator at $75 it’s good buy i thank

    1. The old zone will be absorbed by your body within an hour you can wait an
      hour or two between treatments but I wouldn’t do more than four or six a
      day 6 is the top end

  3. Good tutorial. I’m about to start for mold toxicity and Lyme. I saw in
    another tutorial that you’re supposed to lie on your side. Do you have any
    opinions on this? Also, have you considered using organic coconut oil in
    lieu of Astroglide. I would think something non-chemical would be better
    for the colon which, of course, also absorbs very easily. Coconut oil is
    very therapeutic and healthy in its own right.

  4. Hi Brian, i have a few questions that i hope you don’t mind answering about
    ozone kit that i have been unable to find answers to here in the UK. I
    noticed you are using an oxygen concentrator to provide the oxygen for what
    you are doing on your videos, but i thought that they only provided oxygen
    at around 90-95% concentration, is that good enough for ozone therapies? I
    was told that you had to use only medical grade from an oxygen tank, which
    i believe is about 99.9% pure oxygen. I was also told that industrial grade
    oxygen (which is used in welding mainly) and which is around 98% pure is
    not good enough for use in medical therapies? Also the mix of the ozone and
    the oxygen won’t be as good as you can get with better equipment, but you
    seem to be thriving using the gear you have. I want to do this to help with
    the complications of diabetes, but am just a bit unsure of these things.
    Your videos are very helpful though, thanks for uploading them.

    1. +jezzyby47 sounds good but do not go over to Minutes at a quarter of a
      liter per minute
      I talk to people all over the world with lhon and lots in the UK most
      people in the UK I have talked to Leber’s disease but overall lhon is the
      norm worldwide. your friends story sounds just like about everyone else he
      is the norm not the abnormal for this disease. there are some people who
      have lhon blindness throughout their family for a long time but usually
      like myself a person with no blindness in their family history suddenly
      goes blind and no one else ever does its fucked up. on my channel here the
      first 25 to 30 videos I have are all about lhon and working to get my
      vision back I am still legally blind but my vision has improved a lot. does
      your friend know about Idebenone? I took 15000 light amends over three
      years including that one which specifically helps people with LHON and the
      free radicals caused by the disease there is also a study for a cure using
      gene therapy in Miami Florida at the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute it is a
      shot into the eyeball delivering new jeans hopefully fixing the DNA
      mutation and getting rid of the disease. when I was going to Miami a few
      years ago they all said that this is only for the disease not for improving
      vision but recently I saw a article where they said the vision will be
      restored, which in my mind means you will get all your site back but that
      is just speculation. there were nine people who got three different levels
      of the cure back in September 2014 and all I know about them currently is
      that there has been no negative effects that is all the information I could
      get. got to keep your head up the future looks bright lol

    2. +Brian Aston – He has no idea about idebenone, but it looks expensive, so i
      can’t imagine he would pay for it. I just found out about it today on a
      YouTube LHON conference video from 2015. Been doing some research and a
      company called smart powder looks the cheapest way to get it, the postage
      to the UK will bump up the price a lot though. What do you mean by you took
      15000 light amends over 3 years ago? Is that a spelling mistake or what is
      a light amend? You are exactly the kind of person who will get your full
      sight back because you are not afraid to try things out and you are open
      minded enough to have researched about big pharma and realise that they
      don’t want anyone to get well as that would mean no customers. My partner
      is his sister and she is the same, she thinks i’m mad for thinking the way
      i do. You can show them the proof and they still won’t believe it. They
      actually believe that money for cancer charities actually goes to the
      charity and they do research with that money. Same with all other
      charities. They are just stealth taxes on the feeble minded people of the

    3. +jezzyby47 yes that was a spelling mistake it was supposed to say vitamins
      I took 15000 litem in over three years including the Idebenone over a three
      year period. smart powders. Com is where I got almost all of my Idebenone,
      I started out by having a fundraiser each year and was able to buy all the
      pills I needed maybe that is an option. the longer we are sick the more
      money they make why would they have an interest in actually fixing

    4. +Brian Aston – Hi again Brian, my kit finally arrived a few weeks ago now,
      you mentioned doing ear insufflations, could you let me know how you did
      it. Did you use a humidifier, if so what was in it? Distilled water? and
      how long did you put the earpieces in for and what gamma did you use etc. I
      want to give this a try now as RI doesn’t seem to be working too well on me
      as yet. I’ve used both the bag and no bag methods. I find the bag method
      seems to work better for me than the no bag method and i’m thinking that it
      must be coming straight back out using the no bag method but it seems to
      stay in using a bag, maybe the pressure opens up the insides more allowing
      more of the mixture in?

    5. +jezzyby47 I did ear insufflation a couple of times and it is not what I
      would do. Because the ozone dries out the part of your ear you can touch
      with your finger and cracks the skin and it scabbed up and is really gross
      and I have tried to negate this issue by splashing water in my ear using
      Vaseline and different ways to absorb the ozone but nothing really works
      very well I still get the dried out cracking itchy ears. Also you can have
      a lot of die off coming out of your ears which is a good thing because
      virus and bacteria is dying up by your blood brain barrier and coming out
      of your ears but is also gross and I would not recommend using this method.
      I would keep doing rectal insufflation however you feel most comfortable
      and do it a couple of times a day leaving 2 hours in between each treatment.

      I just had another lumbar puncture or spinal tap to see if Ms was gone,
      unfortunately I still have MS ozone is the best treatment on the planet
      100% natural and safe but has not cured my multiple sclerosis. I have gone
      back into research and something called leaky gut syndrome is another thing
      I need to fix and may be another cause of MS. they say I still have a mess
      because the body is still producing a large amount of IgG antibody meaning
      there is still a foreign protein my body is trying to attack. Foaling this
      backwards I now think that they’re originally is a virus or bacteria cause
      to the leaky gut and that lets foreign protein into the bloodstream which
      eventually gets to the CNS where the IgG antibodies are produced. so I am
      thinking that ozone killed the virus or bacteria that was the original
      cause of leaky gut letting in the foreign proteins to the bloodstream if
      the guy is not healed but the virus is gone then different proteins would
      still get into the bloodstream find the CNS and the antibody IgG would
      still be produced so I have to now fix leaky gut and get my body back to
      normal and hopefully at that point MS would be completely gone,

  5. Hey Brian, Thanks for the video. I’m glad to see ozone has saved your life.
    Where did you get the gamma concentration chart for the WPS-100? I have
    heard in old forums the WPS-100 output knob isn’t calibrated. I’d like to
    know the gamma output i’m getting based on the the oxygen regulator setting
    and the knob position.

    1. there was a charge on a piece of paper in the box the WPS 100 came with.
      the owner of synergy ozone is John Copley I would email him after doing a
      google search for WPS 100 gamma chart. on the chart it says 1/4lpm O2 at #3
      is 34 gama. I use this at first because I was ignorant and wanted to turn
      everything all the way up. And now because of research coming out of Cuba
      34 gamma is the way to go 🙂

    2. +Brian Aston Thanks, found it after googling what you said. The forums were
      from 10 years ago so John must of updated it since. I will make the
      purchase. Like you, I found a ND and after one rectal insufflation I
      already feel better. So now I’m gonna do it at home. Thanks for the help.
      You the man. What’s weird is the ND said he started off slow so he gave me
      an insufflation for about 20 mins. He must of had it at a low gamma? I
      figured he started off at a low flow rate with the regulator but that would
      make the gamma higher. So a higher flow rate at a lower concentration
      setting would give you a lower gamma. This would allow you to go 20 mins,
      but then again was it just mostly 02 for that 20 mins. Does that sound
      right to you?

    3. +J Placetobe1 yes he probably had the air flow at 1 / 32 LPM or 1 / 64 LPM.
      I do not know if at such a low air flow you should turn the ozone generator
      all the way down I have never done that I would assume so. I would check
      with your doctor he can probably tell you the best if not email synergy
      ozone. there was no o2 in the treatment you did you will know if you are
      ever a dumbass like myself sometimes and forgot to turn on the ozone
      generator and did a 2 minute treatment of 02 I felt like I was pregnant for
      about 6 hours it was horribly painful so never forget to turn on your ozone
      generator! Lol

    4. +J Placetobe1 I do have to tell you because I now know after doing another
      lumbar puncture that this is not a cure for MS unfortunately! my gg index
      was still high and there was inflammation the two things they are looking
      for in a lumbar puncture I guess. so as own therapy is not a cure but the
      best least expensive treatment in the world!!! I am two years with
      absolutely no symptoms and new video coming soon

  6. Completely new to ozone. Can the WPS-100 be used without hooking it up to
    O2? Can it just use the oxygen in the room to ozonate fx water? Also, is it
    safe to do an insufflation with ozone made from the air in the room or does
    it have to come from pure oxygen and why? thx!

    1. no, the WPS 100 needs to be hooked to an oxygen source that can be an
      oxygen concentrator or an oxygen tank. I don’t know of any source of oxygen
      that is 100% pure even an oxygen tank from a medical source or a welding
      shop is only about 98 – 99% pure an oxygen concentrator is 92 to 95% pure I
      use an oxygen concentrator. the ambient air ozone generators but coming
      that using the oxygen in the room are usually way too powerful and you do
      not want to do a rectal insufflation with them when doing a RI you want an
      air flow of 1/4 liter per minute so a very low low of oxygen the ambient
      air ozone generators are probably 7 liters per minute so way way too
      powerful I myself tried this and did not even connect the tubes because I
      instantly felt like I was 32 months pregnant lol

    2. +Brian Aston Cool. If I was to get myself an affordable ozone generator for
      ozonating water (ambient air) what would you recommend?

  7. Correct me is if I am wrong but is it gama or grams? My us measured in 3k
    milligrams. I am using mine to clean my water. I am using an opr to measure
    the mV of the water. Do you do anything with ozone and water?

    1. +Brian Aston when making ozone water. By the way what area do you live in?
      I am in SC. Anyway I was fighting cynobacteria in my water and this was the
      ONLY thing that could kill it!! So I also have these “plugs” forming in my
      hair pours sp? And they build up blood pressure? And makes them painful. I
      have to pull the “plug” out to release the pressure. I was told it was from
      my pain patches. But from across the room arms folded and 10 second after
      opening the door he was blaming it on my patches. I walked out on him, made
      me feel so good to walk by the check out desk and I said there will not be
      a charge for this visit. Have a nice day. Ok how should I make my water. I
      thank you!

    2. cliff- a lot of people with fibromyliga use ozone bath water to soak in for
      body aches and pains, there is also a ozone therapy called sensory
      deprivation .. which is floating in spa tanks/pods which alot of people

    3. +Cliff P as far as I know the ozone will not cause these plugs you are
      talking about I would put the blame on your patches as well. I don’t know
      what kind of ozone generator and oxygen source setup you have but all you
      have to do is put the tube in the water LOL I have the Synergy WPS 100 and
      a oxygen tank I put the oxygen that half a liter per minute and the ozone
      generator at the middle spot for 4 minutes for a 16 ounce glass of water. I
      live in Seattle Washington

  8. It’s to keep the air in your body. It’s like pumping up a basket ball. You
    don’t disconnect it from the needle. You pull the needle out to keep the
    ball filled. If you pull the hose and needle out it will keep the air

  9. I have a couple of questions… This way is the only? Having it in water
    does not do the same thing? Yes I am chickening out. I need to do
    Also have you ever heard or know of someone using this to keep the water
    clean on their plant grow hydrophobic?

    1. +Cliff P I would lower the camera or turn your air flow up and Turner ozone
      generator down 03 is a lot more powerful than go to and like I said don’t
      know how the plants would respond to it I would do only 10 minutes a day
      until you can add more based on results and yes I would love to see your
      pictures I am so interested to know how your plants react
      because in the future I would love to do this using DWC

    2. +Brian Aston so that everyone will know the answer, it was the only
      thing!!! The out of what I tested!! Like zone, z7 and h2o2 at29% and 3!
      Bleach that is germicidal at 4.00 a gallon. I eve. Have a liter of copper
      something to kill it. But it has not got here at 100.00 you would think a
      week or two. Not a month or two? Also copper electrodes! Nothing worked
      more than just enough for the roots Tigris usually. I am on my 5 set of
      roots no joke!! And they are 12″! Look a 6… 1 to 10 and I thought that
      they have survived this long I should get a tomato or 50 off of each one.
      So long story short it works but at what dosage? I will keep track of temp?
      Air stones used and depth of stone and time activated. Do you have an orp
      meter? It’s for water and oil I assume you know way more than I doo. Ok see
      my little joke there? That’s what I like to doo doo to my friends. So
      please take it as a compliment. Not an insult. I had an anal fistula so I
      am no longer shy down there.

    3. +Cliff P I would not try this for the first time with your plants that are
      old I would get a new plant and try on something that cost very little
      money and means nothing to you. If I was to do it I would use a ozone safe
      airstone and just put it at the bottom in the middle. but this is all just
      a guess I have no experience and using ozone and plants there is a group on
      Facebook called ozone to health there are a lot of people there who could
      probably give you better answers

    4. +Brian Aston ozone iv does not kill you. it’s a very popular treatment.
      well there take out a little bit of blood out of you then mix ozone with
      the blood then put it back into your body.

      if this is working you might want to try ozone iv treatment.

    5. +Bob Ray I have done ozone IV before but doing it at home isn’t possible
      for me because I am legally blind and cannot see my veins LOL

  10. hi brian my ozone tank is medical (100% O2) but it can only go as low as
    1/2 Liter per minut. Is that too fast a flow to do direct rectal
    insufflation? I have done insufflations with a bag but I feel like trying
    it directly from the generator unless 1/2 liter is way to fast and somehow
    dangerous or something.

    1. I have my O2 flow rate at 1/2 LPM and I have a 10 foot long tube from my
      cousin generator to my catheter just bringing down the flow rate a little
      bit with a length of tubing do not do this treatment for more than 1 minute
      30 seconds

  11. Try kefir on your diet as well either milk kefir or water kefir, they both
    equally have tons of benefit for your body especially for gut and intestine
    system, it is an awesome probiotic. you have to put good nutrition into
    your system in order to heal naturally beside using Ozone therapy as a tool
    to kill pathogen and clear up the blockage within your blood cells. Good
    luck, I think everybody should know about the great benefit of kefir (
    fermented milk or water base fermented fruits/ also called combucha) and
    all natural, so human’s body system symbiotically could relate or recognize
    to anything organically natural to consume as how it designed for in the
    first place by the creator. ” Stay organic and Natural” because all exist
    and design for the purpose of healing the living beings and the Earth in
    general. Think about it, how great and smart the creator is….the
    medicines for everything are already provided here on Earth, we all just
    have to be open to all of those messages from GOD/Creator within your self.
    Everybody have the distinct ID within each of your DNAs, but we are all
    have the same God’s signature within each individuals DNA, it is up to us
    to find out your distinction is from others, which signifies the certain
    methods of healing would work for your own recovery. May GOD heal every
    each individuals of you who are battling to thrive on this Earth due to the
    health and other problems. My prayer always with you all. Love and Peace to
    you my Earthling friends.

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