Aloe vera cured my high blood pressure!

Aloe Vera Cured My High Blood Pressure!

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant! It cured my high blood pressure and on top of that..I have amazing energy! It's so healthy for you because it's PACKED with vitamins and minerals and balances the body's Ph level! To see how to make an aloe drink see my other video titled "How to Make a Very Simple Aloe Vera Drink".

Aloe Vera Cured My High Blood Pressure!

Aloe vera cured my high blood pressure!

Aloe Vera is a miracle plant! It cured my high blood pressure and on top of that..I have amazing energy! It's so healthy for you because it's PACKED with vitamins and minerals and balances the body's Ph level! To see how to make an aloe drink see my other video titled "How to Make a Very Simple Aloe Vera Drink".

Aloe Vera Cured My High Blood Pressure!
Aloe Vera Cured My High Blood Pressure!
Aloe Vera Cured My High Blood Pressure!
Aloe Vera Cured My High Blood Pressure!
Aloe Vera Cured My High Blood Pressure!

Aloe Vera Cured My High Blood Pressure!

48 thoughts on “Aloe vera cured my high blood pressure!

    1. I mix it in a blender with juice. To see exactly how to filet the leaf and
      make the juice please see my other video titled “How to make a very simple
      aloe vera drink”

  1. Thank you for posting this. It’s worth so much more than a companies paid

    If you are growing it yourself and want to make sure you are getting all
    those minerals in your aloe, make sure you use a non-chemical fertilizer
    and add rock dust like Azomite to the soil. I add worm castings, llama
    manure ( I get it free as long as I muck out the stalls myself ) and a mix
    of different rock dust products. It makes a noticeable difference.

  2. I wake up in the middle of the night with a very high blood pressure and I
    am so glad to see you video. Thank you very much for sharing. God bless

  3. stacy your so kind of person to share this. there are millions of people
    will take benefit from aloe and u have already saved lot of ppl life. what
    is ur fb? or yahoo messenger or skype ? can i be friend and ask more.

    1. there is a Mexican Grocery store chain where I live called Vallarta and
      they sell them there right in the produce section for 99 cents each. If you
      can’t find a place that sells them, you can also buy them from ebay. You
      would be surprised how many people sell it on there. My sister buys them
      that way. Just type aloe leaves in the search bar on ebay.

  4. Hi Stacy. I’ve been looking at different natural ways to lower my pressure
    and am keen to try Aloe. When you say it lowered your pressure immediately
    . . . Is that with drinking just the one cup blended with juice per day?
    I’ll definitely get back to you if it works! 

    1. Hi there Deborah… what I mean is that on the same day that I stopped my
      blood pressure medicine, I started the aloe once a day, and my blood
      pressure never went up again like it normally would within a few days of
      stopping my stayed normal. And now it’s been 3 1/2 years
      later and I’m still medication free! I made another video showing how to
      make a simple aloe vera drink so you can look for that in my videos if you
      would like to see how to filet the leaf and blend it with juice 🙂

  5. I love aloe vera it helped my boss BP conditions .
    I take it everyday as a body tonic and I feel so energetic
    after taking it.

  6. My husband and I also have ailments cured by raw, fresh cut aloe vera (my
    bacterial infection during pregnancy, him joint pain & energy loss)… Can
    you please share details about exactly how much you drank per day at the
    beginning and then ongoing??

    1. +Olivia Jeanne Hi there…ever since the beginning and now and ongoing, I
      cut about 2 to 3 inches of the aloe and blend with juice or a smoothie
      every morning. How much have you guys been taking?

    2. +TheEfian2004 I have only used the gel that is under the outer skin. I made
      another video showing how to filet the aloe vera leaf if you need to see
      that. It’s titled “how to make a very simple aloe vera drink”

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    1. Hello, I just cut off an inch or two at a time from the aloe leaf and mix
      it with juice daily. I have also in fact used the entire leaf at one time.
      In the almost 5 years of taking aloe every single day, I’ve never had any
      side effects and have only been in absolute pure health. Not even getting
      sick with a cold. Now I have not used the pre-made aloe juice, but people
      have said it works for them. They just follow the directions on the bottle.
      If I did not have access to fresh aloe, I would definitely use that, and
      just blend it in a smoothie or juice just like I do the fresh aloe.

    2. Stacy, thank God! I found a small farmers market that sells Fresh aloe.
      This is fantastic news for, especially since knowing that the bitter taste
      of the bottled juice and slow results were really getting to me. Not only
      that, I’ve heard that the manufacturing processes of many aloe juice makers
      involves harsh methods that strip or destroy some of the vital enzymes and
      nutrients that promote healing and vitality. Fresh is always best! Thanks
      again and I will let you know how it works for me.

    1. +Helga Burnett I’ve had people tell me that it does work. I would
      definitely use that if I didn’t have access to fresh aloe.

  8. Hi Stacey, please post the before and after BP numbers. It would be helpful
    to the community. Aloe Vera is close to a panacea. 

  9. Does Aloe juice from the health food store work or do I need fresh aloe? I
    really want to get off the meds as they really wear me down. I take a beta
    blocker and it just zaps the energy right out of me.

    1. you can definitely try the premade aloe juice. If I did not have access to
      fresh aloe I would use the premade also. Please let me know how it works
      for you after you try it.

  10. Fresh aloe is always the way to go, no one can beat fresh aloe, however If
    you cannot access fresh aloe vera leaf than do try our aloe vera drinking
    gel. We are the largest manufacturer and grower of aloe vera in the world.
    Our aloe is cold presed and stabalised and the we take the inner gel which
    has most of the nutritional content.

    Aloe is not suitable for diabetic, epileptics, pregnant women and people
    who suffer from kidney disease.

    Keep you doctors fully informed on anything new you introduce whether that
    aloe or a new dieting programe. you drink 50ml first thing in the morning
    and last thing at night. It will clear the digestive tract, give you
    essential vitamins and minerals your body is lacking and lower your
    choloestrol etc

    The drink is best taken neat but if you find it hard to drink than mix it
    with a juice of your choice.

    You can chose your country from the top right hand corner of the webpage.

    1. +Lubna Ali Aloe is not suitable for diabetic, epileptics, pregnant women
      and people who suffer from kidney disease….Its actually good for people
      with Diabetes

  11. can you please tell me how high your blood pressure got before you started
    drinking aloe vera? and thank you so much for making ghost video, I didn’t
    know aloe vera was so good for you.

    1. +Natalie Humphrey before I started the aloe I was on BP medicine, for 16
      years. So while I was on it, my blood pressure was mostly maintained. But I
      could not ever skip doses because within one day or so, my blood pressure
      would go well over 100 on the bottom number. But when I started the aloe, I
      stopped the blood pressure medicine, and my blood pressure did not ever go
      up. The aloe was maintaining it, instead of the medication.

  12. ok i started alove vera with my bp every moring so far how much do i need
    to take with my bp to natural get off of them ?? an inch or so ?? its been
    helping me with my running not so hydrated.. i cut about 5/8 inch with
    cumcumber ginger root apple in a blender every moring.. just want to make
    sure i doing it right … any advise or tips

    1. +Austin Shiflett it sounds like you got the right idea there in blending it
      with awesome fruits and veggies! I think using about an inch of the aloe is
      a great start. If you think you need or want more than you can certainly
      add more. There is no exact science to it and aloe really is pure vitamins
      and minerals. I’ve even used an entire leaf in one smoothie from time to
      time just for an added boost. It’s all good! please let me know how your
      blood pressure goes.

  13. First, I would NEVER JUST GO COLD TURKEY ON THE MEDS!!! You need a good
    Omron BP monitor which costs about $80, and check your BP daily as you cut
    back your meds. I am off meds using Aloe and a host of other supplements.
    To be clear, Aloe is nasty tasting stuff, and even after mixing with orange
    or other juice, I always had to hold my nose to drink it. Now I found two
    keys to make it drinkable. The first is using pomegranate juice. The juice,
    aloe, handful of blueberries, natural vitamin C powder, and taurine is what
    goes in my shake. The juice has such a strong flavor, it masks the aloe.
    The amount of aloe in my shake is about 2 heaping tablespoons. Not all
    leaves are the same girth, so just saying “cut 2 inches” isn’t enough to
    dose correctly. The second key to masking the flavor is to be sure that
    your blender/juicer is strong enough. The entire mixture should turn to
    foam, and there should be no “chunks” of anything in the drink. Not every
    blender will be up to the challenge. The aloe gel is available in pill form
    as well. I use it if I don’t have time for the real thing. I don’t know if
    it is as good as the raw leaf for BP, because I’m taking a lot of other
    supplements as well.

    1. +Greg Hency I agree – people shouldn’t stop meds cold turkey. I myself did
      because I did have a BP monitor, and I’m in the medical field, know my own
      body, etc etc. Aloe balanced my ph level immediately so I had no adverse
      reactions to stopping my medication. But everyone is different. Also, I’m
      not sure why you need to go to such great lengths to “mask” the aloe
      flavor. I’ve eaten it straight and it’s not bad at all, a little bitter.
      When I blend it with just orange juice in a blender, there is no aloe
      flavor at all. All you taste is orange juice, or whatever juice you use. I
      blend it though in a smoothie with other ingredients too and it’s always
      undetectable no matter what I mix it with. Thank you for commenting and I’m
      super happy to hear that Aloe vera worked for you too!

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