Chiropractic for High Blood Pressure

Chiropractic For High Blood Pressure

This was a story on Good Morning American that tells a story about the positive effects of chiropractic care for high blood pressure

Chiropractic For High Blood Pressure

Chiropractic for High Blood Pressure

This was a story on Good Morning American that tells a story about the positive effects of chiropractic care for high blood pressure

Chiropractic For High Blood Pressure
Chiropractic For High Blood Pressure
Chiropractic For High Blood Pressure
Chiropractic For High Blood Pressure
Chiropractic For High Blood Pressure

Chiropractic For High Blood Pressure

21 thoughts on “Chiropractic for High Blood Pressure

  1. Look, there are plenty of your colleagues who understand the idea behind
    chiropractic. the mantra you are clearly dealing with is propaganda based.
    Chiropractic was never a threat to medicine because quite frankly I don’t
    want your job. Heaven forbid I ever have to give a proctology exam, no
    thank you. this pissing contest started when people began realizing that
    chiropractic actually achieved results. chiropractic is an ongoing study,
    any practice is.

  2. I must apologize for letting my ego and my temper infiltrate this forum. I
    am a third generation DC. I grew up on the receiving end of a lot of
    ignorance, even as kids. The boycott as we now the AMA effort didn’t target
    just the DCs in practice they went after the wives and the kids in order to
    stem the proliferation of chiropractic. Perhaps you agree with that effort
    but chiropractic has proven itself many times over in both study form as
    well as results. My frustration is severe.

  3. My purpose is not to piss down your back. I want someone to understand the
    purpose of chiropractic and not put foolish barriers up to prohibit its
    helping people get well. As far as proof, yes there are many studies and
    I’m afraid I’m correct in stating that your profession has gone to great
    lengths to suppress the studies or to dilute them so that they lose their
    impact. Hopefully you can understand where my anger and frustration come

  4. Do you watch football? Are you familiar with a ‘facemask’ penalty? If CVA
    were so common as you have been told every NFL lineman would have died
    after his first season. Most CVA are mythical. You are hearing politics
    made policy. If your limited understanding of chiropractic is not addressed
    you will soon be sorely disappointed.

  5. People died because they were going to die anyway? the numbers cited were
    people ‘not’ in danger of dying and died because of medical intervention.
    You mustn’t delude yourself in such a way, it isn’t healthy. Drugs are over
    utilized because of over exuberant marketing. Tens of billions of dollars
    are spent ‘advertising’ not quite a billion is spent on R& D. I believe
    that there is a gross disparity in priority in the Pharmaceutical
    industries scheme. You are a product of that process

  6. First if a chiropractor ever caused a stroke it was an immediate issue. not
    a month later. Consider this if an injury or dissection occurs death would
    occur within hours of the event. IF and only if and injury such as you
    suggest did occur but did not result in death the healing process would
    have repaired the damage in a matter of days and certainly within a month.
    You are not being informed accurately. How long does it take for a cut to

  7. You are not being informed accurately. IF chiropractic were truly causing
    such injuries the entire profession would have ceased to exist before1920
    and my malpractice would have long ago out paced yours. We do not have
    billions to spend on media attention. You have the benefit of a benefactor
    willing to spend tens of billions keeping your ego satisfied through
    laudable media attention giving you a false sense of and earth bound deity.

  8. Humility, grasshopper, humility. You must learn to be humble before the
    creator lest thou suffer his wrath. You are a young recent MD grad student.
    your eagerness to prove the world ‘wrong’ before your fledgling knowledge
    is incredible. Remember the practice is exactly that practice. If ever we
    perfect our art it will then become a performance and we shall become
    arrogant and dangerous, much like yourself.

  9. In my first month of practice I had two cases of asthma ease up, after six
    months they quit filling their prescriptions for inhalers because they
    hadn’t used the inhalers already in hand. Do not make the mistake by
    thinking that I treated them for asthma, I cleared out their spinal
    subluxations and the body did the rest. Note that this did not occur in a
    day or a week. the progressive benefit of chiropractic takes time.
    Migraines 98% of my migraine patients do not suffer migraines any more

  10. My main objection to your opinion is that it is inaccurate. If chiropractic
    had no basis is science or physiology for that matter the profession would
    have self limited. Science when it comes to physiology cannot as defined
    apply, especially when it comes to medicine. E.R. procedures have tons of
    benefit. Scientific theory must undergo scientific examination under
    laboratory conditions in order to remove variables. No lab on earth can
    duplicate the complexity of human physiology.

  11. If human physiology cannot be duplicated scientific methods of study have
    to be truncated to address this issue. no amount of scientific study can be
    ‘scientific’ in outcome due to biochemical individuality. No two people
    respond the same to a given set of procedures at the biochemical level,
    this is why so many people die at the hands of medicine. Chiropractic study
    has been long term and based on validated, proven human physiology. It has
    been proven valid many times.

  12. Death by Medicine is a compilation of mortality rates which spanned a ten
    year period. Reports that are required by law for hospitals and other major
    institutions to make. However, these reports are not to a ‘person’ but
    rather a computer terminal in another state. The letter of the law has been
    satisfied with that method of mortality rate reporting.

  13. Needle EMGs have proven that pressure on a nerve interferes with nerve
    impulse generation, which in tern has been proven to interfere with
    cellular function which in turn interferes with organ or system function. I
    have accused you of arrogance because you have blasted my profession with
    dogmatic nonsense that has been spewed forth for over a century. A waste of
    time? Migraine patients would disagree with you as to that statement.

  14. Let me correct that most chiropractic induced CVA are mythical. This was
    the product of a long ago debunked study that originated in 1974 when the
    AMA was going out of its way to ‘exterminate’ chiropractic. That study
    fomented a great deal of fear but has no validity. Though long debunked its
    been reprinted numerous times by persons seeking to discredit chiropractic
    care. We have won this case in court many times in the past several
    decades. Your blaming us for arterial dissection is weak

  15. “If chiropractic had no basis is science or physiology for that matter the
    profession would have self limited.” Yes – just like homeopathy,
    acupuncture etc etc.

  16. Hi, this is regarding Levodyn. I have been taking Levodyn for approximately
    one year and six months. It helps to keep my blood pressure down. My
    cardiologist gave his permission for me to take the Levodyn.

  17. I’m a Doctor of Chiropractic. I have a different explanation of how
    chiropractic benefits the human body that far too many chiropractors do not
    articulate. I explain it to my patients in the following way, and almost
    all of them get it.

    Here is one example…

    When you sit at a computer all day (like far too many people do nowadays),
    you are essentially performing a repetitive motion. Working at a computer
    for 4-8 hours per day, while basically sitting in the same position, using
    the same muscles, over and over, eventually results in muscles that become

    When the muscles become overused and overworked they first get tight. You
    can handle this for awhile, but as weeks and months (and even years) go by,
    these muscles become chronically tight, even when you aren’t sitting at
    your computer. Your neck aches. Your shoulders ache. Your upper back aches.
    You go to the massage therapist, and yet it helps, but it’s only temporary.

    Over the long term, the muscles in your neck, shoulders, and back become
    fatigued, and when they go through the fatigue stage, they become painful.
    Painful almost all of the time.

    Inflammation plays a big role in the pain. It seeps into the muscles,
    between the muscles into the fascia, and can even seep into and around the
    joints. The inflammation brings your pain sensing nerves closer to their
    pain threshold, making pain even more common, even with small movements.

    Inflammation is like glue. This “glue” is what the body sends into a part
    of the body to fix the problem. The problem is, it can also create
    adhesions (scar tissue) in the muscles and in the joints. This “scar
    tissue” exacerbates muscle tightness and disfunction, and it also reduces
    the range of motion of your joints. When your joints are not able to move
    through their full range of motion, because there is adhesion caused by
    inflammation, pain is the result.

    A chiropractic adjustment helps restore that full range of motion. When
    moving the joint from it’s limited range back to it’s full range, scar
    tissue and adhesion is broken, and overall range of motion improves. Now
    the muscles don’t have to work as hard to move those joints, because they
    are no longer restricted by adhesions. The muscles can now relax a bit, and
    require less force to move what was previously a joint more difficult to
    move. By also doing some soft tissue work on the muscles, scar tissue and
    adhesions can also be broken down there, further improving overall function
    of the muscle and the joints those muscles are attached to.

    The chiropractic adjustment is nothing magic. This is simple biomechanics
    and muscle and joint physiology. Are there other effects of the
    chiropractic adjustment? There is research that indicates there are
    beneficial neurological effects as well, and more research needs to be done.

    One thing I know for sure. With every medical or therapeutic procedure
    there are risks. Yes…some people have gotten hurt. However, there are far
    fewer people who are injured by chiropractors than are injured by medical
    procedures. If you look at the statistics, tens of thousands of people die
    each year from medical doctor errors (both surgical and pharmaceutical). I
    don’t have the statistics for how many people die or are injured by
    chiropractic adjustments each year, but what I do know is that it’s
    incredibly low. Searching Google finds a lot of information, but few solid
    numbers. I don’t think it’s even 1000 people in a year that are injured. It
    might not even be 100. I’m not sure. All I know is our malpractice
    insurance is only about $3000 per year. That’s very low. Insurance costs
    are in alignment with risk. If chiropractic was more risky, our malpractice
    insurance costs would be far higher.

    1. Makes some sense. But even though there is repetitive stress due to low
      intensity but high volume use, I think there are lots of other muscles that
      atrophy to some extent due to under-use for a long period of time – years
      of sitting at a desk for example. So it’s a double problem – a combo of
      some over-use and some under-use, a marked imbalance. I have found that
      targeted gym work to strengthen problem areas like lower back, neck,
      hamstrings, etc. help a lot. Even without stretching (which I hate). One
      big risk though is people with weak areas going into the gym and hurting
      themselves. People need a good instructor to teach proper form if they
      don’t already know. And, people need to be patient and realize than it’s
      better to improve gradually and give time for safe adaptation to the

    2. +Bradley Baker Agreed. You can strengthen muscles in problem areas. The
      strength component is incredibly important. But, if you are sitting for 8
      hours per day for months and even years, disfunction will sometimes catch
      up to you. I have plenty of patients who workout a lot, strengthening many
      of those target muscles you mention, yet they still have issues. The body
      isn’t met to sit for that long. Regardless, the targeted gym work you
      mention is very beneficial. And yes, don’t go into the gym and start
      working out if going to the gym is new to you. You need to be shown proper
      technique so you don’t cause another problem.

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