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L-arginine is a chemical building block called "an amino acid." It is obtained from the diet and is necessary for the body to make proteins. L-arginine is found in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products. It can also be made in a laboratory and used as medicine.


L-arginine is used for heart and blood vessel conditions including congestive heart failure (CHF), chest pain, high blood pressure, and coronary artery disease. L-arginine is also used for recurrent pain in the legs due to blocked arteries (intermittent claudication), decreased mental capacity in the elderly (senile dementia), erectile dysfunction (ED), and male infertility.


Some people use L-arginine for preventing the common cold, improving kidney function after a kidney transplant, high blood pressure during pregnancy (pre-eclampsia), improving athletic performance, boosting the immune system, and preventing inflammation of the digestive tract in premature infants.

L-arginine is used in combination with a number of over-the-counter and prescription medications for various conditions. For example, L-arginine is used along with ibuprofen for migraine headaches; with conventional chemotherapy drugs for treating breast cancer; with other amino acids for treating weight loss in people with AIDS; and with fish oil and other supplements for reducing infections, improving wound healing, and shortening recovery time after surgery.

Some people apply L-arginine to the skin to speed wound healing and for increasing blood flow to cold hands and feet, especially in people with diabetes. It is also used as a cream for sexual problems in both men and women.

How does it work?

L-arginine is converted in the body into a chemical called nitric oxide. Nitric oxide causes blood vessels to open wider for improved blood flow. L-arginine also stimulates the release of growth hormone, insulin, and other substances in the body.


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Acupuncture For Diverticulitis, Digestive Issues | Dana’s Embarrassing Story | Best Home Treatment

Acupuncture Treatment For Indigestion, Digestive Issues, Digestive Problems, Diverticulitis | Acupressure Massage For Colon Disease | Acupuncture, Acupressure Points For Colon Health | Self Acupuncture Treatment For Diverticulitis

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Acupuncture also works without needles
While acupuncture has proven to be an effective treatment for pain, high blood pressure, nausea, morning sickness, and a variety of other chronic conditions, the secret to acupuncture has never been the actual penetration of the needles; rather, it is the principle of circulation. – Dr. Joseph Mercola

6 crystals for Do-It-Yourself acupuncture needs
These all natural 6 acupuncture DIY crystals are made from a combination of premium gemstone, volcanic zeolite and breathable silicon. When applied to your skin these crystals heat up then cool down. The energetic stimulation you will get is clinically proven to be effective. Now, you can Do-It-Yourself acupuncture at a fraction of cost.

So many additional benefits
There are so many added, lab-tested benefits to using these precious, 6 acupuncture DIY crystals:

Heavy Metal Detoxification
Chemical Detoxification
Increase Blood Circulation
and a lot more…

The following conditions can be managed by Acupuncture DIY crystals: Acne,
Alcohol, Drug and Other Addictions,
Allergic Rhinitis,
Angina Pectoris,
Ankle Treatment,
Anxiety and Panic,
Anxiety Attacks And Nervousness,
Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy,
Chronic Bronchitis,
Common Cold,
Constipation (Obstipation),
Decrease of Appetite,
Decreased Libido / Erectile Dysfunction,
Diabetes Mellitus (Diabetes),
Dyspepsia (Indigestion),
Ear Pain,
Emphysema / Pulmonary COPD,
Eye Fatigue/Asthenopia,
Facial Rejuvenation,
Fertility Support,
Food Allergy,
Foot Treatment,
Frontal Headache,
Hair Growth,
Hand Numbness,
Hand Treatment,
Headache Behind The Eye,
Headache In The Back Of The Head,
Headache On The Side Of The Head,
Headache On The Top Of The Head,
Heartburn And Stomachache,
Heat Stroke,
Hemorrhoid (Anus, Lower Rectum Inflammation),
Hiccoughs (Hiccups),
High Blood Pressure,
Hip Pain,
Hot Flashes,
Icy Cold Hands and Feet,
Immune System Support,
Incontinence (Loss of Bladder Control),
Irregular Periods,
Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
Knee Treatment,
Leukorrhea (Painful Discharge),
Liver Disease (Hepatitis),
Loss Of Voice (Laryngitis),
Lower Back Pain (Lumbago),
Manic Over-Excitement,
Memory And Concentration Improvement,
Nasal Congestion/Stuffy Nose,
Nausea and Vomiting,
Neck Pain And Tension,
Nightly Sweat (Sleep Hyperhidrosis),
Nose Bleeding,
Otitis Media (Ear Infection),
Pain In The Jaw,
Plantar Fasciitis,
PMS And Painful Periods (Menstruation),
PMS, Hormone Balance,
Poor Circulation,
Postpartum Insufficient Lactation,
Relieving Insomnia,
Rheumatoid Arthritis,
Sadness and Grief,
Shoulder Pain And Tension,
Sinusitis (both acute and chronic),
Sore Throat (Tonsillitis),
Stop Smoking,
Stress & PTSD,
Temporalmandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ),
Tinnitus (Ringing Ear),
Urethritis (Urination Pain),
Urinary Retention,
Urinary Tract Infections,
Weight Loss,
Worry and Pensiveness,
Wrist Treatment,
Yeast Infection, Abdominal Hardship, Cardiovascular Affliction, Cold/Flu Malaise, Headache And Migraine, Instant Emotional Release, Local Pain / Weakness, Nervous System Malfunction, Other Benefits, Urinary Challenges, and a lot of other women's ailments.

Amazing Affordable Hydrating & Brightening Serum | Oz Naturals 5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum Review


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OZ Naturals – The Best Vitamin C Serum For Your Face – 62% Off

OZ Naturals – THE BEST Vitamin C Serum For Your Face – Organic Vitamin C + Amino + Hyaluronic Acid Serum – Clinical Strength 20% Vitamin C with Vegan Hyaluronic Acid Leaves Your Skin Radiant & More Youthful By Neutralizing Free Radicals.

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– CLINICAL STRENGTH 20% Vitamin C Serum For Your Face + Vegan Hyaluronic Acid Is The Absolute Highest Quality Vitamin C Serum Available
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OZ Naturals Vitamin C Serum can be used daily and works well with all types of skin. The serum will not clog pores & does not contain parabens or alcohol. This serum is thinner than our other serums and is considered to be the most bioavailable serum on the market.

Key ingredients are as follows: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Vitamin C), MSM, Vegan Hyaluronic Acid, Witch Hazel, Vitamin E, Amino Complex, Jojoba Oil. Ingredients are 72% Organic

Wash and pat skin dry. If you are going to use a toner, apply the toner before the serum. Apply a small amount to entire face, neck and decollete. Allow to dry. Can be used daily; can be used under make up. Follow with a high quality moisturizer.

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Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder Review

A short review on a product I take regularly, Optimum Nutrition's Micronized Creatine Powder. If you are thinking about taking creatine then I would highly recommend this product. It has worked awesome for me so far.

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Impotence / Erectile Dysfunction (ED) – How To Cure Impotence ED In Men

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To understand the causes of impotence, it is important to first review how erections occur.

What is erectile dysfunction in men? Are there any natural remedies for impotence disorders. ED is the inability to maintain hard and longer erections during the love-making process and is a common problem among men as we age. I bet you didn't know that ED in young men is now as a common problem as impotence in older men.

What causes erectile dysfunction in men? The causes of male impotence can be either due to physical or psychological reasons. Diabetes and impotence don't go hand in hand let me tell you that! Sexual problems (sexual dysfunction) are common among those with diabetes, particularly in older men who have suffered diabetes for years. Diabetes can damage the blood vessels and nerves that control the erection.

Some common causes of ED include: penile nerve damage could be one of the causes of erectile dysfunction in middle-aged men? Penile doppler testing by looking at ultrasound frequencies is an extremely useful investigation in determining ED problems and is a sophisticated test to objectively measure the penile blood flow. So, the question is how to increase penile blood flow and get bigger, longer and harder and better erections? Well, taking medication is one way of enlarging and enhancing the blood circulation in the penis. And, that’s certainly going to be my first recommendation. Other causes for ED can be erectile dysfunction due to stress, medication, and smoking.

Smoking causes impotence, too. Men who smoke are more likely to develop problems with getting or maintaining an erection. This may be due to the effects of smoking on blood flow and damage to the blood vessels of the penis. The earlier men quit smoking, the greater their chance of preventing or recovering from this problem.

High blood pressure and erectile dysfunction don't go well together, too. To understand how high blood pressure can lead to erectile dysfunction, you first have to understand how erections work. High blood pressure is a contributing medical factor that leads to ED. Hypertension damages the entire vascular system. Because effective blood flow through the arteries and veins is essential to achieve and sustain an erection, any problem that impairs blood flow can cause ED.

These diseases and bad habits over time cause the blood vessels in our penis to constrict restricting the blood flow into it. Without enough blood flow and oxygen going in is the reason why an impotent man cannot maintain a natural erection. Not being so obese, doing regular exercising in the gym or yoga at home for better mental healing are all ways of improving ED.

Psychological problems like stress, fear, anxiety and problematic relationships may also be a cause of erectile disorder.

How to treat impotence? The best method of treatment for your erection problems would be to take a course of generic best ed pills containing Sildenafil Citrate. There could be side effects so before taking I highly recommend that you talk to your doctor, first.

Erectile dysfunction treatment in males: Of course, there are the natural methods of treatment for impotence at home like massaging and exercising the penis slowly but if you’re hoping to cure impotency completely and in an instant there’s nothing like taking Viagra or it’s generic version Suhagra containing the ingredient responsible for better blood circulation in the member – Sildenafil Citrate. Drugs of this type make the erections better thus increasing male stamina and enhancing his sexual drive.

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