How to Control High Blood Pressure

These foods are generally considered to form the basis of a nutritious diet and are called whole foods.

If you successfully control your blood pressure with given healthy lifestyle and proper diet, share to your others friend who are suffering from BP problem.

A proper diet and healthly lifestyle, will bring your blood pressure back to normal and maintaining daily good healthy diet will surly get rid of blood pressure.

Celery for high blood pressure, a personal experience

I tried a 2,000-year old remedy.
Unfortunately, after 10 weeks of this treatment, I developed dizziness and sleep difficulties.
On my return to the hospital treament, my blood pressure was 170 – 90 mmHg and the doctor told me that it was a near-stroke condition.
Taking hospital pills once a day, the doctor set a control limit at 140 – 80 mmHg., allowing for old age. Every 3 – 4 months my kidneys are being monitored.

Blood pressure drops instantly after a 2 – Km walk

The danger in treating High Blood Pressure

Are you aware of the dangers in treating your High Blood Pressure? The greatest dangers occurs when you are successful at maintaining your Blood Pressure at a normal level. This is when you think that you are CURED. You will see that the longer you are able to keep your Blood Pressure at normal levels, the more damages that will accumulate physically, and the more symptoms and sufferings that you will experience. The problem is High Blood Pressure is only a SYMPTOM of other medical conditions. Doesn't matter what you throw at it, you may be able to keep your Blood Pressure at normal levels, but you will not be successful at stopping the damages from occurring and accumulating. Remember this, just like pain, High Blood Pressure is only a SYMPTOM.

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