GuruNanda – Yoga for High Blood Pressure – Video #8

In this Video, GuruNanda reveals the Yogic Moves & Pranayamas by which you can control High Blood Pressure, also called Hypertension.

Puneetananda which means Pure bliss is the birth name of a well known India born Entrepreneur turned Yoga Guru ( E & Y entrepreneur of the year award winner Orange County CALIFORNIA , USA )


This video is for illustration purposes only . please consult your physician or train under personal guidance of a registered yoga teacher.
Gurunanda shall not be responsible for any physical injury if you perform any of the yogic moves without a personal registered yoga teacher supervising you.

Yoga for high blood pressure by yoga guru suneel singh For bhojpuri channel Mahuwa.

High Blood pressure is a gift of modernism, then it will not be a hyperbole. In this developing era, where on the one hand, mental tension, anxiety, anger & other disorders have also come up in our ways. This affects our mind, heart, soul, sensibility & sense organs too. Our heart governs the blood flow in our body, which works like a pumping station for the whole day & night. This is called heart beat. Blood goes to arteries & comes back to the heart from all parts of the body. Heart again sends it back to the arteries. Blood pressure is the pressure of this pumping on the blood. This way blood pressure is not a disease but a normal activity. But when due to some reasons, this pressure increases or decreases then it is called high or low blood pressure respectively. To know more log on

Yoga for Hypertension or High Blood Pressure I Yoga Therapy from Vashistha

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension Cure Yoga Therapy . WHO estimates that more than one in three adults, or about one billion people, is affected by high blood pressure (a Silent Killer). High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, one of the most important contributors to heart disease and stroke. According to WHO- "Hyper-pressure contributes to nearly 9.4 million deaths due to heart disease and stroke every year and, together, these two diseases are the number one cause of death worldwide". And, hyper-tension also increases the risk of kidney failure, blindness and several other conditions.

According to a new study presented at the "28th Annual Scientific Meeting", have shown that " yoga can lead to significant reductions in blood pressure, especially when used in addition with other lifestyle modifications".

Contraindications for High Blood Pressure :

— Don't do back bending pose
— Avoid any types of fast Breathing practice like Kapalbhati, Bhastrika Pranayama
— Don't try holding of Breath ( Kumbhaka Pranayama )
— Don't Practice inversion (Upside-down Pose) like Sarvangasana, Viprit Karni, Head stand or Hand stand.

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Exercise for High Blood Pressure | Baba ramdev Yoga |

Baba Ramdev -Yoga for High Blood Pressure (Hindi) – Yoga Health Fitness. This video effectively addresses problems arising out of high blood pressure. The essence of the pranayamas, yoga asanas, acupressure and home remedies for to cope with problems of high blood pressure is captured in this video. High blood pressure due to any reason – i.e. obesity, diabetes, renal (kidney) problems or hereditary causes – will get controlled with the essential practice of the various pranayams, asanas and home remedies that have been described in this video.

Ultimate Method to Cure High BP (Blood Pressure)

Ultimate Method to Cure High BP (Blood Pressure)
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