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What is Oxygen and Ozone Therapy Treatment?

What is Ozone treatment or oxygen therapy? Ozone is the naturally occurring O3 molecule that we know about, we hear about that's in our atmosphere. The oxygen that we breathe that our physiology naturally responds to and our hemoglobin and our red blood cells picks up is O2. One oxygen molecule bound to another one with the double bond, that's O2. Way up in our atmosphere, we have O3. Three ozone — or three oxygen molecules bound together. Now ozone inherently is a very unstable molecule, it doesn’t like being in groups of three, it likes being in groups of two.

So if you just take ozone gas all by itself, it will quickly break down into O2's rather than a bunch of O3's. Now, if you take that O3 molecule and introduce it into the physiology, its inherit instability means it's got lots of energy. And that energy through a biochemical reaction can be absorbed into the physiology and miraculous things happen. Now, let me explain where this happens. Every cell in your body, right, has a nucleus where all the DNA is. And then around that it has the outside membranes. So you have the outside membrane and the inside nucleus with the membrane around it where all the DNA is.

Inside that area, okay, between the two membranes, you also have little organelles primarily mitochondria. You may have heard about mitochondria. They are the energy producer of the cell. They are the little engine of the cell. Inside the mitochondria is where the O2 molecules are processed, okay. So the O2 molecules that you're breathing in that are brought to the cells of the body through hemoglobin in your blood, they are processed inside the cell in mitochondria where essentially the electrons off of those oxygen molecules are plucked off and that energy is used to produce ATP.

Okay, ATP is the chemical of the cell that is the gas, the fuel of the cell. Pretty much every cell in your body and no matter what its function is, is going to need ATP to do what it does. So if you're looking for instance at your pancreas and the cells on your pancreas that make insulin, the energy that those cells need to make insulin is going to be ATP. If you look at your muscles and the cells in your muscles that contract and give you all the strength to do exercise and what not, the energy of the cell to contract comes from ATP, in your brain, you know, in your — whenever it is.

Anything the cell needs, okay, every function of the cell is powered by ATP. And that ATP is created inside the mitochondria by the mitochondria's ability to pluck electrons off of oxygen. Alright, now what does that have to do with ozone? Anytime you have a tissue or a cell or an organ that's unhappy, that's slowly but surely is becoming deceased, what you find out is that the mitochondria in those cells are becoming less and less capable of plucking those oxygen off, I mean plucking those electrons off of the oxygen.

The cells are becoming less able to functionally process the oxygen and therefore they're become unable to produce ATP. When you introduce ozone into the cells, it ramps up the mitochondria's ability to process oxygen once again. The benefits are quite miraculous actually. We know a lot about how it works and it's fabulous. So not only can you energize cells to do what they're supposed to do with ozone there are certain disease stage you can actually reverse, with ozone treatment.

So we use ozone treatment as often as we can. And anyone really is a candidate for oxygen ozone therapy, just to stay healthy and to boost your immune system and many other functions that you can do with regular ozone therapy IV's.

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Ozone Therapy Benefits & Generator Machine Best to Buy. Medical Cancer Treatment at Home. Oil Water

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Ozone Therapy Benefits & Generator Machine Best to Buy. Medical Cancer Treatment at Home for Beginners Oil Water
What is Ozone Therapy? It is getting rid of harmful organisms with the use of an Ozone Generator and increasing body's oxygen saturation to promote health.

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They have the best instruction for beginners on how to do everything associated with Home Ozone Generator use.

The best place to buy an ozone generator is the place that gives you all the equipment and instruction you need to buy and operate an ozone generator for the use of Ozone therapy. Otherwise ozone therapy will be very difficult to understand and operate.

There are many uses for ozone generators:
1) Ozonated Water to wash fruits, meats, counters, vegetables, etc
2) Ozonate oil for applying cuts, infections and lesions
3) Breathing ozonated oil for clearing the air way of infection, viruses and bacteria
4) Applying Ozone gas to infections and lesions
5) Injectioning ozone gas into infected areas of the body
6) Ozone gas insufflation through the ears, rectum or vagina. These areas uptake Ozone to distribute ozone throughout the body and clear the body of infection or disease.
7) Release ozone gas into rooms to deodorize the air and remove pathogens from it as well.
8) Many many more uses.

Ozone gas is as close to a miracle drug as it gets. It will destroy most any pathogen in its path as shown in this video.


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