How To Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally & How To Treat High Blood Pressure.

"How To Reduce Blood Pressure Naturally & How To Treat High Blood Pressure"

Learn how to reduce blood pressure naturally and how to treat high blood pressure in this video with Dr. Richard Gerhauser with There are numerous causes for high blood pressure and it is important to test your blood pressure at various points in the day and record the readings. You cannot rely on a single reading performed by your physician in an uncomfortable situation. Dr. Gerhauser recommends purchasing a blood pressure monitor so you can assess your levels multiple times a day.

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Tracking Blood Pressure: Check. Change. Control.

Visit for more information about high blood pressure monitoring programs in your community. In this video, learn more about tracking blood pressure: the most important cornerstone of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association's community-based high blood pressure management program called "Check. Change. Control.". Also visit to start tracking your blood pressure today — a key to help you reduce blood pressure.

Top Foods To Eat to Reduce Blood Pressure

Learn about the top foods you should eat to reduce blood pressure! Hypertension is a common problem that can also be reduced with a healthy diet. Watch to see the best foods to reduce high blood pressure naturally. New video every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


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